Mergers and Acquisitions in Germany

Mergers and Acquisitions in Germanyedited by Christoph Louven, written by Christoph Louven, Tobias Böckmann, Tim Oliver Brandi, Kristina Ernst, Annika Flues, Heiko Gemmel, Arnt Göppert, David Alexander Jüntgen, Angela Kölbl, Michael Leistikow, Barbara Lepper, Alexander Loos, Kerstin Neighbour, Holger Stabenau, Martin Sura, Heiko Tschauner, Jens Uhlendorf and Thorsten Volz
2012, 324 pages,
ISBN 978-3-941389-09-0
€ 128,–

Sweet & Maxwell

This Manual in the English language outlines mergers & acquisitions under German law. Every aspect of a M&A transaction considering possible German peculiarities is illuminated by the authors: preparatory steps, the sale and purchase agreement as well as post-closing measures. Furthermore, there is relevant information on taxation, employment law and competition law issues. Some precious insight is given on tactical strategies for companies in the forefront of a takeover.